These are step-by-step instructions for the PropCalc Standalone tool.
  1. Login to your Degenerates Outreach account Screenshot_3
  2. Navigate to your members profile Screenshot_4
  3. Click Main Page Screenshot_6
  4. Click under Active Resources to download the tool. Screenshot_7
  5. Extract the This step depends on what software you use to extract.
  6. When extracted open the folder and open the PropCalcConfiguration.txt. Screenshot_8
  7. Add your username and password to Screenshot_9
  8. Rest of the settings you can try out. They are explained in the file.
  9. Next open the DegenVlinks.txt Screenshot_10
  10. Here you have to delete everything from this file before you add your vlinks. There are three supported formats. Screenshot_11
  11. The file could look like this Screenshot_12
  12. Now everything is ready to run the PropCalc. Once running it should look like this Screenshot_13